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Archive of publications from BCNP and affiliated staff.

Dr. Trevor Hurwitz:
----- Somatization and Conversion Disorder (Can J Psych, 2003)
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Dr. Marie-Claire Baril:
----- The Epidemiology of Psychiatric Disorders in Quebec’s Older Adult Population (Can J Psych, Dec 2008)
----- Qualitative Analysis of Clients' Evaluation of a Psychiatric Day Hospital (Can J Comm Mental Health, Spring 2009)

Dr. Leon Berzen:
----- Action Myoclonus-Renal Failure Syndrome (Brain, 2004)

Dr. Andrew Howard:
----- Selective Sound Intolerance and Emotional Distress [Letter] (Psychosomatic Medicine, 2008)
----- Bradyphrenia (Encyclopedia of Movement Disorders, 2010)
----- Neuroleptics and Movement Disorders (Encyclopedia of Movement Disorders, 2010)
----- Donepezil For Memory Function in Schizophrenia (J Psychopharm, 2002)
----- DBS Interruption and Suicidality (J Neurosurgery, 2012)
----- DBS CG25 Pilot Study (J Neurosurgery, 2012)

Dr. Brenda Kosaka:
----- Neuropsychological Assessment in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (BC Medical Journal, 2006)
----- (with J. Wada) The Wada Test: 60th Year Anniversary Update, In Epilepsy Surgery (2009)
----- Cognitive Performance in Subjects With Multiple Sclerosis Is Robustly Influenced by Gender in Canonical-Correlation Analysis (JNCN, 2016)

Dr. William Panenka:

Dr. Joseph Tham:
----- (with A. Traboulsee, J. Oger) Rates of Psychiatric Illness In Longterm MS Patients (ECTRIMS, 2007)
----- Clozapine-Induced Fevers and 1-Year Clozapine Discontinuation Rate (J Clin Psych, 2002)
----- (with F. Vila, A. McGirr, G. Hadjipavlou, C. Honey) Electroconvulsive Therapy in Patients with Deep Brain Stimulators (J ECT, 2014)
----- (with K. Schultz, P. Chan, C. Brenner, C. Northcott, F. Vila) Occurrence of Postictal Alpha/Beta Activity During Maintenance Course of ECT (J ECT, 2015)
----- (with K. Leong, A. Scamvougeras, F. Vila) Electroconvulsive Treatments in Patients with Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders: A Case Series (Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat, 2015) [supplemental material]

Drs. Tham, Ilcewicz, Hurwitz: Use of Cannabinoid Agonists in Traumatic Brain Injury with Aggression - Case Series (International Neuropsychiatry Association Meeting, 2008)


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